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CCCAC Rooted Festival and CHI Day Posters and Workshop Series

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Project: SJSU Rooted Festival and Chavez-Huerta-Itilong Day of Celebration posters from 2018-2022, commissioned by the Cesar Chavez Community Action Center (CCCAC) at San Jose State University

Size and medium: 11” x 17”, screen printed on posterboard

Project specifics: Produce and facilitate an interactive screenprinting workshop booth for SJSU’s on-campus Rooted Festival--a social justice, music, and arts festival. Festival attendees would be able to screenprint their own festival poster in various colors as I guide them through the process. I had total creative freedom with designing each year’s poster(s) as long as they reflected a social justice theme. Quotes and imagery inspired by my experiences in student activism at De Anza College. I've been a returning contractor with CCCAC since October 2018 and in March 2022, I was invited to host and design a screenprinting booth for their inaugural Chavez-Huerta-Itilong Day of Celebration in addition to Rooted.

Photo and video by Adrian Discipulo

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